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The Vlartelina is a fully automated Expert Advisor that will works instead of you. Well-proven on the EURUSD currency pair, which can be seen in the screenshot. Trades 10 % of your deposit, but this percentage can be customized. All tests were carried out with precisely 10% of the deposit. The Vlartelina looks for and holds trades for several days. Also, it is not recommended to trade on the account the Vlartelina is launched on, let the EA work on that account itself!

Before you leave, download the demo version of this EA, see its live performance, as this does not oblige you to anything. And you will understand that this is the best price and quality ratio. And as they say, "Perfection has no limits," and in this case it is true. The Vlartelina will continue to improve. Accordingly, I will raise the price of my EA. buy it now, and in the future you will be receiving updates for a more expensive EA free of charge! I will also be glad to hear your suggestions and recommendations on improvement! Thank you for your time!

Input Parameters

  • MaximumRisk - deposit percentage for the calculation of the lot;
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