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Profit Fixation

The EA uses 21 independent signals for trading,

In turn, 21 signals analyze 147 indicators.

Thanks to this, it trades almost all week long.

Written expert for EURUSD H1 and successfully passes 10 years of testing.

It is better to watch the work on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/534794


You can individually test and disable signals that you do not like.

By disabling the signals, you can choose a trading system for other currency pairs.

You can trade cycles.

Also, the expert can trade in both directions at once, and only in one.

It is possible to limit the loss to a specific amount in the Deposit currency.

The expert Advisor can also take into account the Commission and swap when closing positions.

It is possible to take into account the swap when opening positions.


As with all of the included signals every tick analyzes many indicators,

I advise you to initially test the control points. and then all the ticks.


The recommended minimum Deposit was 500-3000 units of Deposit


Would recommend using an ECN account, I prefer without a fee. 

The size of leverage I use is 1 to 500

I have accounts: https://alpari.com/en/trading/trading_terms/?partner_id=1220575&sub_id=ib_mql001


Be put only on D1, otherwise the EA will not work properly!


BASE_LOT - Main lot

PLUS_SIZE_LOT - The increment to lot

MAX_SIZE_LOT - Maximum possible lot

TRADE_IN_ONE_POSITION - To trade one item

DIRECTION_OF_TRADE - Direction of trade

  • In both sides
  • For purchase
  • For sale
  • No trading

OPEN_POSITION - Open positions

  • In both sides
  • For purchase
  • For sale
  • Anywhere

THE_NUMBER_OF_BUY_POSITIONS - Maximum buy positions

THE_NUMBER_OF_SELL_POSITIONS - Maximum sell positions

TAKE_PROFIT_ONE - Profit if the position is one

PERMISSIBLE_LOSS - Acceptable losses in the Deposit currency

STOP_LOSS - Setting the loss limit

MAGIC_NUMBER_BUY - The magic number of the positions on the

MAGIC_NUMBER_SELL - Magic number of sell positions

MIN_PIPS_STEP - The minimum distance between the positions

TRADE_IN_FRIDAY - Open orders on Friday if there are none

FILTER_SWAP - Swap the filter

  • Triple
  • General
  • Disabled

THE_COMMISSION_AND_SWAP - To consider the Commission and swap

SLIPPAGE - Price slippage

USE_A_SOUND - Use audio alerts

USE_LINE_TAKE_PROFIT - Show position close line

USE_LINE_BREAK_EVEN - Show line without loss

SHOW_BANNER - Show informer

SIGNAL (1-21) - Signals

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Version 1.1 2019.05.15
Fixed a bug