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Binary Sane MT4

The Binary Sane MT4 indicator, depending on the selected timeframe, can be used for trading both the 60 second turbo options and the options with the expiration time from 5 to 30 minutes. The indicator works on all currency pairs from M1 to M30. The indicator displays the expected closure direction of the option at every bar with high accuracy using arrows. The indicator has no parameters for adjusting the sensitivity.

For ease of estimation of the probability characteristics of the indicator operation on different timeframes and at different times of the day, the History input parameter is used. When the History=true mode is selected, the indicator displays the estimated price movement direction on the current bar and the indicator triggering history on all available bars. When the History=false mode is selected, the information is displayed only for the current bar. The Shift input parameter sets the value of offset between the arrows and the Highs/Lows of the bars. Suitable values are from 0 to 50, for the currency pairs with three decimal points, the value of Shift must be multiplied by 100.

Input Parameters

  • History - selection of the displaying the signals with the triggering history or only on the current bar.
  • Shift - offset value between the arrows and the Highs/Lows of the bars.
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