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Advanced Daily Pattern

The Advanced Daily Pattern EA is a multi-currency robot which trades on M30 and makes about 10 trades per week.

  • The EA is based on the idea of searching for daily patterns and checking them. If a patterns gains profit in 75% of cases, it can be considered an efficient one. The market constantly changes and so do patterns. The ones that worked a year ago will not function this year. This is due to many factors in the world. The EA automatically determines the changes and starts trading by new found patterns.
  • Trading System. What regularities does the EA look for? This is the main idea of the trading system which lies in the fact that each weekday is unique. But at the same time all Mondays resemble each other. As do Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Testing on 3-months period the EA finds regularities in currency market behavior — patterns of people behavior on Forex, using an integral method (dividing into single parts and their integration). Checking each weekday separately, the EA finds regularities (patterns) of Mondays, Tuesdays and other weekdays and starts trading in a predictable way following the rhythm of the market movements.
  • Testing Results. The program has been successfully tested on various currency pairs and 10-years period. An EA which uses similar strategy was participating in the Automated Trading Championship within 3 months, and on completion of the Championship it had an increased initial deposit. The EA which we present has advantages as compared to the EA participated in the Championship.

Input Parameters:

  • Lots — Lot;
  • SL — Stop Loss in points;
  • TP — Take Profit in points;
  • MaxSpread — Maximum spread;
  • MaxSlippage — Maximum slippage
  • Weekday — days of the week;
  • MondayOpenBUY, MondayCloseBUY — time to open and close buy orders on Monday;
  • MondayOpenSELL, MondayCloseSELL - time to open and close sell orders on Monday;
  • TuesdayOpenBUY, TuesdayCloseBUY — time to open and close buy orders on Tuesday;
  • TuesdayOpenSELL, TuesdayCloseSELL — time to open and close sell orders on Tuesday;
  • WednesdayOpenBUY, WednesdayCloseBUY — time to open and close buy orders on Wednesday;
  • WednesdayOpenSELL, WednesdayCloseSELL — time to open and close sell orders on Wednesday;
  • ThursdayOpenBUY, ThursdayCloseBUY - time to open and close buy orders on Thursday;
  • ThursdayOpenSELL, ThursdayCloseSELL — time to open and close sell orders on Thursday;
  • FridayOpenBUY, FridayCloseBUY — time to open and close buy orders on Friday;
  • FridayOpenSELL, FridayCloseSELL — time to open and close sell orders on Friday.


  1. Indicates a regularity.
  2. Model or sample of "behavioral patterns". Behavior is modeled or copied from another behavior. Modeling, learning via observation.
  3. Configuration or grouping parts or elements with a correspondent structure implies that though separate parts of an array are different, all together they form one integral unit which has particular significance and represents a model. Years of experience suggest that stock exchange is subject to cyclic changes.
  4. Forex patterns are functioning using this regularity. In fact, they represent these repeatable models. Modern Forex market reflects the fact that there is a huge number of active Forex patterns. The question of proving the patterns, that is, checking their operability is raised. What does this mean? For instance, we know some pattern and want to use it. But the pattern should correctly predict the price behavior in 75% of cases. Then the pattern will be arguably efficient.


Makarkin Sergey - participant of automated trading championships from 2007. I have been developing trading platforms for over 8 years.

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