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Truly News Expert

The Expert Advisor informs about the releases of the upcoming news of the financial world using the data from the ForexFactory site.

It has a number of features:

  • Filtering news by the user-defined currency, currencies by the pair set on the chart, significance of the upcoming news;
  • Displays the time until the news release or time of the news itself (GMT, by the broker or local time);
  • Displays the past and upcoming news on the chart using flags and lines as soon as the EA is attached;
  • Displays the value of the prediction and the past score(volume) for each news.

It is written in the form of an Expert Advisor, and not as an indicator due to the lack of ability to download data from the Internet with the help of indicators without the use of DLL.

The news data is downloaded only for the current week - ForexFactory limitation.

Make sure to allow access to the URL: http://www.forexfactory.com in the terminal settings (Tools - Options - Expert Advisors).

Parameters of the EA:

Main Settings:

  • GMT Offset - News time offset by GMT (For example, for Alpari and Roboforex the value of GMT Offset=2).
  • News Time Count - The number of displayed news with non-matching release times. Must be greater than 0.
  • Show Table - Display data table: Do not display, top-left or bottom-left.
  • Show Forecast - Display the value of the previous score and the prediction for each news in the table.
  • Table Time - Display type for the news time in the table: time until news or news time (by broker or local time).
  • Show Event Flags - Display news flags, or flags with constant vertical lines with the description of the news.
  • Show History Flags - Saves the flags with the descriptions of the past news on the chart.

Currency settings:

  • Show Only Pair News - Display news only on the current pair.
  • Bank Holiday On - Display bank holidays.
  • Show USD(EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF, CNY) News - Display the significance of the news: Low, Moderate, High.

Notification settings:

  • Show Caution BeforeNews - Display a notification about the nearest important news at the top of the screen minutes before the news release.
  • Send Notify BeforeNews - Send notifications to the mobile device specified number of minutes before the news.
  • Show Alert BeforeNews - Display an alert specified number of minutes before the news.
  • Send Mail BeforeNews - Send an email specified number of minutes before the news.

Design settings:

  • Background Transparent - Customization of the table background transparency. From 0 to 255.
  • Color Header - Color of the news header.
  • Color Low News - Color of the news with low significance.
  • Color Medium News - Color of the news with moderate significance.
  • Color High News - Color of the news with high significance.
  • Color Bank Holiday - Color of the news during the bank holiday.
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Version 2.18 - 2016.04.21
-Fixed few graphic elements issues.