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FX Surfer gbp

The FX Surfer gbp Expert Advisor:

  • this is a long-term trading system (not scalper),
  • based on a combination of several trend indicators,
  • the surfer EA catches the movement-wave towards the main trend, waits for a rollback and enters the market at the beginning of the second wave.
  • has several advanced filters, which eliminate weak and false signals,
  • every position is protected by stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP), specified in pips (4 digits),
  • after some time the trailing of the stop loss is activated (TrailingStоp), specified in pips (4 digits).

The EA is optimized for the currency pair EURUSD, timeframe M5, the minimum deposit $50.

The Expert Advisor has two methods of money management:

  1. the size of the opened position is determined by the maximum size of the lot (the MaximumLots parameter)
  2. the size of the opened position is determined by the risk percentage of the deposit (the RiskInPersent parameter)


  • No martingale, grid, averaging.
  • No pipsing or scalping
  • Stop loss is always used to secure your investment
  • Working currency pair: GBPUSD
  • Working timeframe: М5
  • Easy to use (no complicated settings)

Strategy Tester Result:

  • Tested for 6 years: On GBPUSD from year 2010 to 2015 it generated $431 760 from $1 000 deposit using Risk= 10%, with a percentage of profitable trades of more than 81.94%.


  • TP - take profit size, specified in pips (4 digits)
  • SL - stop loss size, specified in pips (4 digits)
  • TrailingStоp - stop loss trailing size, specified in pips (4 digits)
  • RiskInPersent - risk per every opened position (percentage of the deposit).
  • MaximumLots - maximum size of the opened position in lots.
  • MaxSlippage - slippage size, specified in pips (4 digits).
  • DisplayInfoPanel - enable/disable info panel.

Please don't change the parameters until you know what you do.

Test the demo version before buying!

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