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Strategy Master FX 2016

The EA designer Strategy Master FX is a great solution for traders who can't program! In this designer you can create almost any grid, martingale, antimartingale, scalping, news, locking, multi-currency strategies with the use of indicators or without them! By using the designer you can place up to 42 orders of any type (Buy, Sell, BuyLimit, SellLimit, BuyStop, SellStop) with the selection od individual step, lot, take profit and stop loss for each order, which allows you to create unparalleled trading systems!

Attention! Trial version has a limitation on opening orders. After opening 3 orders, the operation stops!

In the created strategies you can use 15 worldwide known indicators - Moving Average, MACD, Fractals, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Envelopes, CCI, DeMarker, RSI, RVI and other indicators from the standard set of any MetaTrader 4 terminal, as well as the trailing stop, breakeven, total stop loss and take profit for all orders, limitations by days of the week, operation time by hours and minutes, color settings and audio settings! All the strategies that you create can be used for trading on real accounts!


  • The name of the strategy - The strategy name (displayed during trading).
  • Language strategy - Language of the displayed graphical objects. Can be set to Russian or English.
  • Сurrency strategy - Currency of the deposit. Default is $, but can be changed to any other.


  • General take profit - Total take profit for all orders. Can be enabled and disabled.
  • The amount of take profit - Take profit value.
  • General stop loss - Total stop loss. Can be enabled or disabled.
  • The amount of stop loss - The value to trigger stop loss.
  • Breakeven - Breakeven. Enable/disable. Uses a breakeven invisible to the broker, that is calculated in the deposit currency.
  • Start breakeven - Start breakeven.
  • Profit breakeven - Amount of profit to protect.
  • Trailing Stop - Enable/disable trailing stop.
  • Starting - Trailing Stop - the value in the deposit currency, when reached the trailing stop is activated, the trailing step is equal to the start value.
  • Quick closing - Emergency closing. If you need to close all orders and delete pending ones, simply enable this option!
  • To stop trading - Stop trading after profit/stop. If enabled, the trading will be stopped as soon as all the opened trades are closed.
  • Delete when TP SL - Delete pending orders when take profit and stop loss are triggered.
  • Trading on bars - trade by bars or immediately after start.
  • History Martingale - Martingale.
  • The multiplier - Lot multiplier at a loss.

ORDERS AT THE START - Orders at the start of the strategy.

Here you can set the lot, stop loss and take profit of the first orders. You can also choose whether to place orders at the strategy start.


Here you can set up to 40 pending orders for which you can specify the step, lot, take profit and stop loss yourself!


Here you can select the trading time. Set trading by days of the week, by hours and minutes!


Here you can include in trading and adjust any of the indicators: Moving Average, MACD, Fractals, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Envelopes, CCI, DeMarker, RSI, RVI, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, ADMI, ATR, Bears Power, Stochastic Oscillator, or several at once.

INDICATORS FILTERS - Signal filters.

  • Filter 1 signal - Filter signal when starting.
  • The filter is one order - Trade only one order at each signal.
  • Closing with another signal - Cross closure of orders when the signal changes.
  • Filter maximum spread - Disable trading if the spread is above this value. If set to 0, feature is disabled.

Following are the extensive graphical objects settings, where you can set the color of the orders, information. And also the sound settings, where you can output sound when reaching profit, stop loss and when new orders appear (pending ones trigger).

Sergey Bardashov
Sergey Bardashov 2016.04.18 21:40