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Scalping Reversal

Scalping Reversal (SR) analyze the market to find small corrective moments of the price. It will alert you if found an opportunity in the markets you're trading. You can easily use it, just move it to your chart. Arrows never repaint or backpaint.

The easy parameters and way to use make trading a lot of more easy, so you can know exactly when to enter a trade, exit trades or how you want to use it. It can be used from M1 to MN. This works well whether the market is trading or ranging. We recommend use it with your own trading system to get the best results.


  • Arrows DON'T REPAINT and appear in the actual candle (Wait to close the candle anyway) [*]
  • The indicator adjust to the pair and for the actual TF automatically.
  • Very easy to use, only one option to modify.
  • Already optimized for the best results in all pairs.
  • Integrated alerts, optionally for the client.

[*]IMPORTANT: In this indicator, if the signal is bearish, the candle must close bullish. If the signal is bullish, the candle must close bearish, if not, the signal dissapear because is not valid. We don't recommend that kind of signals because they're not valid. That's because always wait to the candle close and in this indicator with that conditions too.


  • SR Period: Set this if you want to change the period of the indicator, if you have higher period, will be less signals, but more strong.
  • Show bars counter?: Set to true if you want the indicator to analyze the pair automatically and tell you the maximum numbers of candles that take until the price go in direction of the signal.
  • Use alert?: Set to true if you want to receive an alert when new arrow appear on chart. If you don't want the indicator alert you, then set it to false.
  • Alert minute: Set in what minute of the candle the indicator must alert you. We always recommend in the last minute of the candle. Examples: M5 (4), H1 (59), etc.

Customer Support

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions, so we can help you! You can contact us via our account.

2017.01.18 17:53 

Great indicator ! I put the combination of this and the Reversal arrow in my trading system - really profitable.