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TradeEvent Notification

An improved version of the popular scanner of trade events for the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It can send messages to your mail and via sms *, Push-messages and text messages in the log.

Easy to set up, easy to use. It makes work and monitoring of accounts much easier. And most importantly, it frees your thoughts from the constant tension and allows more time to develop strategies instead of constant monitoring of the account.

TradeEvent tracks the following:
  • setting, removal and activation of pending orders
  • opening, closing, partial closing of orders
  • moving of stop loss from loss to profit or to breakeven
  • setting, removal or modification of stop loss or take profit
The Expert Advisor works in the continuous monitoring state with the event checking frequency of 1 second. Do not depend on the availability of ticks!

Designed For:

  • traders that work on VPS
  • account managers for notifying investors
  • trading signal sending services
  • and for all those who want to trade, and not constantly monitor orders

The Information in Messages

Depending on the type of event the message text contains all the necessary information:

  • order parameters (ticket, time, symbol, open price, stop loss and take profit)
  • the resulting profit/loss of the order
  • account balance
  • additional text description that identifies the magic number of the order

Features and Configuration Options:

  • time allowed for sending email messages (e.g., 8 to 22)
  • pause between messages (to protect against failures at sms operators)
  • assignment of "meaningful" names in the text of the message for certain magic numbers of Expert Advisors
  • control over only selected magic numbers of Expert Advisors
  • any method of message sending - mail/sms, alert or terminal log
  • language: English, Russian, German.

You can also use it as a detailed log of all trade events in a text file!

* sms notifications are configured via email

User Reviews:

Alex: My EA is working on a VPS server. However, I always had to be near my computer to check the status of my orders. It's very tiring. And six months ago I decided to try this program. I liked it very much. It sends me any change in the account via the sms service. So now I have more time to analyze the market, rather than worry about my order.

Dmitry: One of my investors advised to try this program. Now, we have no problems obtaining timely information about trade results. All order changes come to his mobile email. He is pleased, and I'm basically too. Keep up to date without having to be at a workplace - it's really very convenient. I did not expect that my trading would become more comfortable.
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