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The strategy is based on the Martingale. The Expert Advisor analyzes the last trade. If it was unprofitable, then it opens a new one in the same direction with the volume, multiplied by the value of the coefficient parameter. If the trade made profit, then it opens a new one in the opposite direction with the volume of Lot.

The Expert Advisor has one feature. It is possible to open several orders at once according to the OrderTotal parameter. The distance between orders is determined by the step parameter. The logic of the EA remains the same.

It also provides a trading corridor with the upper and lower boundaries UP and DOWN, respectively.

Input Parameters

  1. UP - the upper boundary level; when exceeded, the EA stops trading;
  2. DOWN - the lower boundary level; when exceeded, the EA stops trading;
  3. Lot - initial volume of the trades;
  4. coefficient - the coefficient to multiply the Lot in case of a losing trade;
  5. TakeProfit - TakeProfit level;
  6. StopLoss - StopLoss level;
  7. OrderTotal - maximum number of opened orders;
  8. step - distance between orders in points.

Recommended parameter values

Parameter 4 Digits 5 Digits
UP 999
Lot 0.1
coefficient 2
TakeProfit 20 200
StopLoss 20 200
OrderTotal 100
step 1 10

Indicator is suitable both for novice and experienced traders.

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.03.13 13:35 

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Version 2.0 - 2016.02.17
Fixed a bug which caused the EA to open multiple orders at the same level of the grid