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Price Channel

This indicator displays the channel and trend. When Price Channel are placed on a chart, they identify the high and the low price. As such, they can be used quite effectively to visually identify levels of Support and Resistance on a chart. The indicator is additionally equipped with preview and signal. Product not work in strategy tester - for obvious reasons. See video below and free version.

Input Parameters

  • Alert signal Buy or Sell.
  • Refresh Trend Line.
  • Distance from Line 1 [Style Dot] to Line[Main].
  • Multiplier for Line 2 [Style Dot].
  • Color Trend Up.
  • Color Trend Down.
  • Color signal.
  • Color Level [up].
  • Color Level [down].
  • Size Level.
  • Arrow size.

On Chart

  • Button Reset: memory reset and delete signal on chart.
  • Button L: direction channel. [left].
  • Button Analyzer: start trend up or down.
  • Button R: direction channel. [right].
  • Button Signal: signal buy and sell on chart.
    • Button Plus: sensitivity.
    • Button Minus: sensitivity.
  • Button P [Preview].
  • Button TF [Change Time Frame] : press button TF - M1 on chart, press button TF - M5 on chart, press button TF - M15 on chart etc.
    • Preview on chart M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 and W1. See video below.
    • Preview on chart - price scale 1 : 1.
    • Preview on chart - 18 last candles.
  • Reset and delete level on chart: press button L next press button Reset. See video below.
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Version 1.10 - 2016.02.19
Change of name:
Button Analyzer on Button Channel.
Button E [End] - operating range. See video in the comments.
On Preview:
- Stochastic
- ATR[14]
- ATR[0]