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The EA is based on the breakout of the important support and resistance levels. The robot has the ability to gather data and to calculate the values of the floating spread as a percentage for all the operation period. With this program the brokers will be unable to mislead you on the change range of the spread of any currency pair. Everything will be recorded and calculated. So far I have never seen a script, an indicator or an EA with this capability. This is one of my latest developments, and I am sure this feature will be very useful to you.

The operation is performed on two currency pairs - EURUSD and GBPUSD. There is also a possibility to include another currency pair, but that task requires certain knowledge. Currently, the best results with the default settings of the EA can be achieved on the two mentioned pairs, and I suggest you stick to those unless you have the proper experience.


  • System_1 - The first strategy;
  • System_2 - The second strategy (disabled by default, as it greatly slows down the strategy tester when operating in conjunction with the first system. Testing and optimization can be performed only in conjunction with the third system or separately. It is recommended to enable all three strategies when launching the EA on the chart);
  • System_3 - The third strategy;
  • TotalSymbol_1 - The number of currency pairs;
  • MM - automated money management;
  • Lot - lot size if the auto money management is disabled;
  • RiskPercent - auto money management risk;
  • Distans - indent from support/resistance levels for placing pending orders;
  • TakeProfit - distance to take profit in points;
  • ModifyTP - if enabled, take profit is moved away from the price, while a stop order follows it. This allows the EA to safely increase profit. However, it is not recommended to use during a strong divergence;
  • StopLoss - distance to a stop order in points;
  • Slippage - maximum deviation from the requested price;
  • Spread - maximum allowed spread;
  • Trailing - enable order trailing block;
  • TrailingStop - Enable trailing stop;
  • TrailingStart - distance from the order to enable trailing stop orders;
  • StepTrailing - trailing stop step;
  • StopLevel - move to a breakeven;
  • NoLoss - distance from an order, at which a stop order is moved to breakeven (if StopLevel = true);
  • MinProfitNoLoss - minimum profit to move an order to breakeven;
  • UseTime - trading by time (server time is used);
  • BeginTime - trading start time;
  • EndTime - trading end time;
  • Magic - EA's stamp (identifier);
  • Remove - delete pending orders by an opposite signal generated by the indicator block (one or several additional indicators should be enabled);
  • Reinstall - Replace stop orders in case they fail;
  • _1_Symbol - the first symbol of the symbol list - EURUSD, if your symbol on this currency pair has any prefix (for example EURUSD.f etc.) - this prefix must be added to the currency pair in this line. In other words, the currency pair specified here must completely match your pair;  
  • _1_Ext_1_1  - the first variable of the indicator (refers to the first strategy);
  • _1_Ext_2_1  - the second variable of the indicator (refers to the first strategy);
  • _1_Ext_3_1  - the third variable of the indicator (refers to the first strategy);
Following is a number of similar parameters that refer to the other two strategies.
During the optimization tick only the indicator variables that refer to the optimized strategy.


  • Instant order execution - ECN;
  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS;
  • Currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD (with any prefixes, like EURUSD.f etc.);
  • Spread no more than 1.5 points (the less, the better);
  • Chart timeframe - M15.

Attention: Make sure to comply with the currency pairs and timeframe requirements.

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