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Trade Strategy:

The Trade Strategy is based on the fact that a rollback comes after "a strong" movement. Indicators are not used, only price is analyzed. Input parameters (eMovement, eRecoil, eTakeProfit, eNextTrade, eRiskMove) are specified for 4-digit quotes. If the Expert Advisor operates on pair which has 3- or 5-digit quotes, the Expert Advisor will multiply that values by 10 itself.

The Expert Advisor places pending orders by averaging the price if the movement is against us. You can limit how many times the volume can be increased. The Expert Advisor analyzes input parameters and in case they contradict each other, the Expert Advisor won't be started showing the corresponding message. Input parameter eIsRisk defines trade volume of the Expert Advisor: 0 - fixed lot, 1-5 lot increases depending on free margin size (1-5 percents).

The Expert Advisor show messages in 2 languages (EN-English, RU-Russian). The Expert Advisor has flexible settings, what allows every trader adjusting it to its own trade style. A good solution for those, who needs a ready-made EA for a reasonable price.

Input parameters:

  • eLang - language of messages (EN, RU);
  • eCalcPeriod - period for watch movement search;
  • eMovement - movement in points;
  • eRecoil - rollback in points;
  • eTakeProfit - profit in points;
  • eNextTrade - number of points before the next deal;
  • eLot - initial lot;
  • eMagic - magic number;
  • eKolTradeIncrease - deal, with which the volume start to increase;
  • eKoeff - lot increase rate;
  • eSlippage - slippage size;
  • eViewLogs - show log: 1 - Yes, 0 - No;
  • eTimer - number of seconds for the timer to trigger if eIsMulti = true;
  • eIsRisk - lot increase depending on the free margin size - (1-10) percent (can be fractional, e.g. 1.5%), 0 - do not increase;
  • eIsMod - use modification: 1 - Yes, 0 - No (places profit according to fractal, which is below our position; it allows increasing the number of profitable trades);
  • eRefilling - number of lot increases after the first deal;
  • eRiskMove - big movement, after which it is better not to trade;
  • eRiskPeriod - time to wait (0-no filter).

You can download MetaTrader version here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/502

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Version 2.71 2015.03.27
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