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Made in Egypt

Made in Egypt is a Scalping EA that gathers its data from several sources such as Highest Highs and Lowest Lows within specified period of time set by the expert itself, moving averages values, and other built-in indicators on several time frames starting from M1 through M30 to make a trading decision based on collected data. Then it follows up on opened position to modify, close or hedge against unfavorable movement until certain amount of profit is achieved then it closes all open orders.


  • Lot1: Manual Lot Size.
  • Auto_Lot: Set to true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, set to false if you want to use manual lot size.
  • Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity*, the greater this percentage the greater the lot size if auto lot is used.
  • Take_Profit: Take Profit in points adjusted for 5 or 4 Digits brokers.
  • Stop_Loss: Stop Loss in points adjusted for 5 or 4 Digits brokers.
  • BreakEven: Break Even Points *Must be greater than Min Stop Level. The amount of profit in points, if achieved the EA will move the stop loss to entry Level plus or minus points determined in Move_Stop_TO property below.
  • MoveStopTo: pips count to move stop loss by after break even *Must be Less than Break Even Points * if set to 0 the EA will move stop loss to entry after break even, if you set this value greater than 0 then it will move stop loss after entry by this amount in your favor.
  • Win_USD: Target profit amount in Account Currency for Chart instrument, if achieved all open orders for this instrument will be closed.
  • Win_Usd_All: Target profit amount for all open orders of the EA, if achieved all open orders of the EA for all currencies will be closed.
  • Start_Time: Start Time in GMT time. EA starting Time.
  • End_Time: Ending Time in GMT time. EA Ending Time.
  • Step: the amount of Loss in points, if exceeded the expert will hedge an opposite position or open a new position according to signals.
  • Magic_Number: EA Magic Number.


EA technically works on any currency pair, but for best results use it on the following currencies: EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF AUDUSD EURJPY USDCAD or any other currency with spread less than 8 pips.

Time Frame:

5 Minute Time frame.

Minimum recommended deposit and Leverage:

Min Recommended Leverage: 1:400 or More.

Min Recommended Deposit: 500 USD or Equivalent amount.

*it's highly recommended to set Win_USD_ALL to 30 and lot size to 0.10 if your capital is equal to 1000 or more, or if your capital is less than that use WIN_USD_ALL 3, Lot size= 0.01.

Recommended broker and Spread

-Spread < 8 Points.

No Specific brokerage but it's highly recommended to open account with ECN broker or Zero Spread account.

More information available upon request on the comments tab.


  • For best results please use the default settings.
  • This EA doesn't work on CFDs instruments, only on FOREX "Currency" Instruments.
  • This EA Works only on 5 Min Time frame.
  • This EA is designed to work on multiple instruments simultaneously "Basket of Currencies" to achieve its target therefore it's highly recommended to run it on as much instruments as possible at the same time. Running it on single currency pair will weaken its performance and may lead to unachieved targets.
  • it's highly recommended to withdraw your profits periodically when profit reaches 50% of your account.
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