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Megatrend Monitor SF286Free

Megatrend Monitor SF286Free is a free version of the newest Megatrend Monitor model named Megatrend Monitor SF286.

SF286 features the completely new algorithm based on SinFractal 7TF indicator. It is much faster in calculations and drawing histograms.

Most importantly, SF286 displays up to seven subwindows in an additional chart window with histogram value curves calculated by six specified timeframes together with their resultants (Ave).

Besides, SF286 is able to highlight histogram blocks when the curves reach specified levels.

The subwindows feature two flat zone levels, as well as two signal levels in the indicator's positive and negative areas. The scale has been expanded up to -120/+120 for improved visibility of the curves near extreme values (-100/+100).

When the curves exceed the specified levels, it is possible to generate alerts with sound signals and to highlight the corresponding histogram blocks with a specified color. The subwindow which controls the alerts and highlighting is specified in the settings.

As an alternative to the histogram, the indicator provides a table with numerical values, which is displayed both independently and together with the histogram blocks.

It is possible to change the fill color of the histogram and the background of the main window in the settings, and also to change the color and line type of the curves in the indicator subwindows.

The main chart window has buttons for switching various types of display - histograms, numerical table, table + histograms - and buttons for aligning the tables vertically and horizontally.

The performance of the SF286 does not depend on the instruments and chart timeframes.

The timeframes for calculation, instruments and their amount (up to 28) can be changed in the settings.

SF286 is able to work with any instrument in the Market Watch of the terminal.

SF286 will become a good and reliable assistant in the market analysis, the search for the most active and correlated instruments, as well as in the search for tools which are the real allies at the current time.

Unlike SF286, SF286Free works only with seven symbols that cannot be changed in the indicator settings. In all other aspects, SF286Free is identical to SF286.


  • WorkingSymbol - list of symbols;
  • TF 1 - TF 6 - timeframes menu;
  • TF 1 Window Enabled - TF 6 Window Enabled - enable/disable subwindows;
  • ЕМА period- smoothing period;
  • Sensitivity Coefficient - sensitivity coefficient;
  • Bars count for calculation - number of bars for calculation;
  • WidthRectinfo - histogram block width;
  • SymbolFontSize - font size of the symbols;
  • KoeffHeightRectInfo - histogram block height;
  • UserCurvature - enable compression;
  • KoeffCurvature - compression ratio;
  • SubSubColor - color of subwindow dividing lines;
  • BackgroundColor - fill color around the histogram blocks;
  • ColBGRect - histogram blocks fill color;
  • iColStrokeRect - histogram blocks frame color;
  • ColUpValue - color of increasing histograms;
  • ColDownValue - color of decreasing histograms;
  • ColAveValue - Ave line color;
  • ColSymbolRect - symbol font color;
  • ColBGButtons - button color of the table and histogram display modes;
  • UseColorBg - enable histogram block highlighting;
  • ValUpBgRect - positive level to enable highlighting;
  • ValDnBgRect - negative level to enable highlighting;
  • iColUpBgRect - highlight color of increasing histograms;
  • ColDnBgRect - highlight color of decreasing histograms;
  • UpLevelFlat - upper flat level;
  • DnLevelFlat - lower flat level;
  • UpLevelTrend1 - first upper signal level;
  • DnLevelTrend1 - first lower signal level;
  • UpLevelTrend2 - second upper signal level;
  • DnLevelTrend2 - second lower signal level;
  • SigTFNumber - number of the subwindow that controls the alerts and highlighting;
  • SigFlatUpAbove - Trend2DnAbove - enable/disable alerts;
  • ColLevelNull - zero level line color;
  • ColLevelFlatUp - ColLevelFlatDn - flat line color;
  • ColLevelTrend1Up - ColLevelTrend2Dn - signal level line color;
  • StyleLevels - style of the specified levels.
2016.03.27 04:02 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ivan Chelaznov
2016.03.17 10:03 

Отличный индикатор,даже со спредом 20пп по этим парам получается зарабатывать.Представляю как можно заработать на парах с низким спредом, которые есть в платной версии.

Version 3.0 - 2016.09.14
1. Optimized the levels system.
2. Optimized the alerts system.
3. Removed the table display of values of the histogram columns
4. Added notification system.
5. In appearance and functionality, the indicator has become identical to the MT4 version.
Version 2.0 - 2016.03.21
1. Initial drawing at start accelerated.
2. Processing of new ticks optimized.
3. Bug fixes.