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Trend Lover

If you are a trend following trader. I recommend the Trend Lover EA for you. EA will place a pending buy stop at a higher high (HH) for up-trend, a pending sell stop at a lower low (LL) for down-trend. Sometimes, you should let the profit run until the end of the trend, that means you can use a trailing stop / one time lock profit for minimum profit in pips.


  • Always use pending orders (buy/sell stop)
  • Every deal is protected by stop-orders
  • No martingale, no grid, no hedging
  • Ability to choose fixed lot size, Balance divider and risk percentage


  • maxSpread - do not allow trading if spread is over xx points
  • wait_normalSpread_in_Seconds - return to trading after XX seconds interval after spread is normal
  • LOT_MODE - select lot size mode fixed_LotSize, BalanceDivider and Risk_Percent
  • fixed_LotSize - specific value for lot size by fixed value
  • BalanceDivider - specific value for lot size by divider
  • Risk_Percent - specific value for lot size by risk percentage
  • TP - take profit level by xx points
  • SL - initial stop loss level by xx points
  • Smart_SL - enable/disable place stop loss level based on initial higher low(HL)/ lower high(LH) level
  • Smart_SL_modify - enable/disable modify stop loss level based on latest higher low(HL)/ lower high(LH) level
  • Exit_Signal - enable/disable exit trade by signal
  • Exit_Signal_TimeFrame - select the timeframe size for exit by signal
  • useLockProfit - enable/disable lock one time profit
  • LockProfit - lock one time profit by xx points
  • Profit_Trigger - after price reach profit trigger by xx points, EA will lock one time profit
  • TrailingStop - begin to place trailing stop by xx points after trailing start done /* Input = 0 for disable trailing stop
  • Trailing_step - place SL jumping at least xx points
  • Trailing_Start_from - minimal profit by xx points to trigger trailing stop
  • Magic_number - unique number for each chart
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Version 1.5 - 2016.02.03
V 1.5
- Improved opening more pending orders
- EXIT_candle - enable/disable exit at a potential high/low of a candle