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GTC Panel Demo

Trading information panel for fast trading on the Forex, CFD and Futures markets!

Note: GTC-Panel Demo is a demonstration version of Trading-Information panel GTC-Panel. The demo versions allows to fully examine all the features and the interface of the panel, evaluate its operation, acquire skills of working with it and make sure that the choice of the program is right.

Full version of the panel can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/14220

Demo version limitations

GTC-Panel Demo works only on demo accounts, on the "USDCAD" currency pair and with its own identifier (Magic number of the order). The full version of the product has no limitations.

Moving the panel

To drag the panel to anywhere on the chart, move the mouse pointer over the GTC-Panel header, press the left mouse button and drag the panel to another place on the chart while holding the left mouse button.

Input Parameters:

  • Language: Language support - Russian, English
  • Calculation of the lot: >Calculation of the lot
    • Manual: The lot size is set manually
    • PercentDeposit: The lot size is set automatically. Percentage of the free funds (the "Percent" parameter)
    • PercentStopLoss: The lot size is set automatically. The percentage of the Stop Loss level (the "Percent" parameter)
  • Limit the maximum lot: Limitation of the maximum lot
    • Deposit: The maximum lot specified manually is limited by free funds
    • Market: The maximum lot specified manually is limited by market
  • Risk Percent: Percentage of free funds or of the Stop Loss level
  • Auto Trailing Mode: The Auto Trailing Stop parameter (The 'Auto' button on the panel)
    • Volatility: Trailing Stop is calculated based on the current market volatility
    • Fractals: Trailing Stop is performed using the Fractals indicator
    • Parabolic: Trailing Stop is performed using the Parabolic indicator
    • BarExtrimum: Trailing Stop is performed using the local Highs and Lows (The number of bars is defined by the 'Count of bars extremum' parameter)
  • Distance mode: Distance from the price
    • AutoDis: The distance is calculated automatically depending on the current volatility of the market
    • ManualDis: The distance is set manually (The 'Distance' parameter)
  • Distance: The distance from the price in points (The distance is set if the parameter 'Distance Mode' = 'ManualDis')
  • Step trailing stop: Trailing Stop step
  • Add the maximum spread: Adds the maximum spread to the sell orders (The parameters works in the Fractals, Parabolic or BarExtrimum modes)
  • First Breakeven: Moves order to breakeven at Trailing Stop (Once the specified value of profit is reached, first moves the order to breakeven, then modifies the order by the specified parameters). First Breakeven does not work in the Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum modes.
  • Time Frame Calculation: Timeframe for the calculation
    • CURRENT: Calculation for the current period
    • M1,M5,M15...: The calculation is performed for the specified period (The parameter is required for the calculation of Volatility, Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum)
  • Count of bars extremum: The number of bars for the calculation of 'BarExtremum'
  • Parabolic Step: The 'Step' parameter for the Parabolic indicator
  • Parabolic Maximum: The 'Maximum' parameter for the Parabolic indicator
  • Order comment text: Order comment text
  • Slippage: The maximum allowed deviation of the price for market orders
  • Order magic number: The magic number of the order (This parameter is missing in the demo version)
  • Step Scale Fixed: Chart fixation step (Set as a percentage of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25%)
  • Time scale: Display the time scale on a chart
  • Price scale: Display the price scale on a chart
  • Show Comment: Display the panel operation logs (The comments are output in the top left corner of the chart)
  • Time of the comment: Comment display time
  • Print Info: Print the panel operation logs in the Expert Advisor log
  • Check the closing of the market: Check if the market is closed
  • Write log file: Write the panel operation logs to a separate file
  • Screenshot: Save the image of the current chart after an order is opened
  • Save setting: Save settings of the panel

Operation of the Program in the Strategy Tester

Due to the limitations of some functions in the strategy tester of the client terminal, the GTC-Panel Demo does not work in the strategy tester.

Matthew Todorovski
2018.06.16 11:04 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.8 - 2016.06.29
Added information on the trading modes on the current instrument:
1. Only buy operations are allowed
2. Only sell operations are allowed
2. Only position closing operations are allowed

The information is displayed as warning on the top left corner of the chart only after the limits on trading operations are changed by broker. The 'Show Comment' must be set to 'true'.

Added the ability to change the audio file:
1. Opening an order +3 audio files
2. Closing an order in profit +2 audio files
2. Closing an order in loss +2 audio files
3. Error sounds +3 audio files

Fixed the button sticking:
After the MetaTrader 4 update to build 971, some panel button were getting stuck. This bug was not critical, but unpleasant - FIXED!

The 'Percent' parameter has been renamed to 'Risk Percent'. Deleted the 'Play sound' parameter, now the audio files for Opening/Closing orders can be changed or disabled individually.

To anyone who downloaded, purchased, rented - update the installed version 1.07 to version 1.08

Good luck in trading, and have large figures on Forex, CFD and Future!$