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Triple Channel

The indicator plots three consecutive channels by Close prices and checks if they match the scheme shown in the screenshots. The length of each channel is not fixed and is selected by the program within the range ChMin and ChMax. When the match is found, a signal is formed (an appropriately colored arrow). A possible stop loss level is displayed as a diamond. A signal may be accompanied by a pop-up window, a push notification and/or an email. The indicator works by Open prices.


  • ChMin - minimum channel length;
  • ChMax - maximum channel length;
  • signalLive - signal lifetime (repeated signal fixing interval);
  • UseAlert - allow a pop-up window;
  • UsePush - allow a push notification;
  • UseEmail - allow an email alert.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 09:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

vahid jannati
2016.03.04 16:41 

cannot find good signal and show many false .