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The Expert Advisor is an indicator-less scalper using pending orders and stop loss. No martingale, no grid.


  • Both fixed lot and lot in percentage of the deposit are provided;
  • The minimum stop loss depending on the current spread is also provided;
  • Trailing of a stop loss and pending orders is present;
  • The EA works on any timeframe;
  • The EA works on five-digit symbols.


  • Lot=0.01 - fixed lot if UseMM=false;
  • UseMM=false - automatic lot calculation mode (true - enabled, false - disabled);
  • Risk=0.5 - deposit percentage necessary for calculating the volume if UseMM=true (0.5% of the deposit for SL = MaxSpread *2);
  • Dist=40 - amount of points (40 points);
  • Timer=10 - time filter (10 s);
  • MaxSpread=15 - spread limitation (if the spread exceeds 15 points, the EA does not perform trades);
  • HourBegin=2 - trading start time (02:00);
  • HourEnd=22 - trading stop time (22:00);
  • HourEurSesion=9 - European trading session start time (09:00);
  • MagicNum=111 - unique number of open orders.
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philippe germain
2016.02.16 17:49 

Bad results

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.02.15 19:25 

Something is missing...

Version 1.50 - 2016.02.05
- Changed the lot calculation function: now the calculation will consider the LOTSTEP step of lot change.
- Changed the calculation of stop loss (added three new input parameters):
fixed stop loss - the SL parameter (must be greater than spread);
variable stop loss - equal to the sum of spread and the N parameter;
enabling calculation of the variable stop - set the parameter SL_SPRplusN = true.
- Fixed the errors (introduced the function Block_err_130).
- Changed the market entry condition.