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Martingale TwoWay

This is a auto-trading program based on Martingale strategy.

The basic idea of this strategy is to add more lots when the market moves on the contrary direction after the first order.

Once the market direction reverses, it is able to get profit.

Many people think the Martingale is not a good strategy, and even some platforms prohibit such trading.

But, as I known, only trades based on Martingale can make money most of the time in forex market.

Because the market always reverses!

This EA also send buy and sell orders at the same time.


  • WinPoints: Target profit points per 0.01 hand. Bigger setting equal to more profit and high risk. On the contrary small profit and low risk.
  • MinIncPoints: Minimum order opening interval. The smaller the value, the greater the risk.
  • StopNewOrders:
    • True - no longer open a new series of orders. Opened orders will continue until it is automatically closed.
    • False - normal run mode.
  • EnableBars:
    • True - Order opening is based on new bar of chart. Chart can be M1, M5, M15, which the risk diminishes .
    • False - Order opening is based on Tick every time, high risk.
  • MAGICBUY: Buy orders MagicNum. Must not equal to MAGICSELL.
  • MAGICSELL: Sell orders MagicNum. Must not equal to MAGICBUY.
  • Risk: Risk value. 0--10 integer. The bigger value, the higher risk and more profit.


  1. Users need to understand the meaning and risk of each parameter, please read the above description.
  2. I show a table of different parameters and profit in the following screenshot, for reference only.
  3. It is recommended at least $3000 in your account, the more money the lower risk.
  4. If you are familiar with the market and are able to assume greater risk, you can adjust the parameters.
  5. It is recommended to run this EA on EURUSD.
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Version 1.11 - 2016.04.05
Fix bug: Maxlevel did not work for sell orders.
Version 1.1 - 2016.03.25
MaxLevel: Max order numbers of one order series.
StartHour: EA start time of hour(MT4 system time ). If you want EA run 24 hour, set StartHour=StartHour.
EndHour: EA stop time of hour(MT4 system time). Note: an hour before this time EA will stop open new series, and open series will continue.
CloseAfterEndHour : True-all orders will be closed when EndHour reached;False- do not close orders。
AccountSLPercent: Stop Loss percentage of your account. All orders would be closed when the loss of opened orders is more than this value. For example, AccountSLPercent=0.2, orders would be closed when you lose 20% of your account balance.
StopHourAfterSL: EA would stop work for StopHourAfterSL hours when Account SL happened.