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Day Boss

Day Boss indicator is used for trading within a single day. The indicator works on all currency pairs from M1 to H1.

The trend analyzer has no parameters for managing sensitivity level, therefore it does not change its values when switching between timeframes.

The Corner input indicates the trend analyzer location on a chart.

The indicator generates quite accurate entry and exit signals.


  • Start Buy - line for opening a Buy order,
  • Start Sell - line for opening a Sell order,
  • TP Buy - expected daily Buy level,
  • TP Sell - expected daily Sell level,
  • FLAT - flat market movement,
  • Trend UP WEAK - weak upward movement,
  • Trend UP STRONG - strong upward movement,
  • Stop BUY - proposal to close a Buy order,
  • Trend DOWN WEAK - weak downward movement,
  • Trend DOWN STRONG - strong downward movement,
  • Stop SELL - proposal to close a Sell order.

The indicator also shows time remaining until the current bar closes.

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