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A significant improvement from the classic Martingale System, Smart Martingale gives you the consistency of a martingale system WITHOUT the huge blow to your account!

Backtested with a wide spread of 25 points with great results

For Demo: EURJPY/D1

Default settings will work with EURJPY

For CUSTOMERS(Renters/Buyers): Optimized settings for


Best configuration:

There is a specific configuration that creates the best result. This is a configuration of 4 pairs, each hedging each other in case a disaster happens. If one of your pair is hitting a drawdown, the other three will hedge the drawdown and provide MAXIMUM SUPPORT AND STABILITY.

Robust, stable and reliable

  • Backtested and works on over 20 pairs
  • Works well with ALL MAJORS and MINORS
  • Works well with SOME EXOTICS

Anti broker manipulation:

  • Hidden SL and TP levels
  • Hidden entry levels
  • Entry levels, SLs & TPs controlled by EA
  • Prevent unethical slippages into the market
  • Prevent SL hunting
  • Prevent TP reversals
  • Prevent broker controlled losses
  • More stable and controlled

Anti curve fitting

  • Minimal parameters to optimize
  • Prevents over optimization
  • Prevents curve fitting
  • Have backtest results likely to reflect in live market

Speedy optimization

  • Efficient coding
  • Get optimization results 10x the speed
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Neural network adaptation

  • Conditions are built into the EA
  • No optimizations needed for conditions
  • EA adapts to market conditions to decide when to trade


  • EAMagicNumber -- Set Magic number for the EA
  • EAComment -- Set comment for EA in orders
  • RiskPcnt -- Set the % of account balance you want to risk
  • MaxLots -- Set the maximum lots the EA can enter on
  • Factor1 -- Secret parameter 1 for the EA to work
  • Factor2 -- Secret parameter 2 for the EA to work


  • EA doesn't work on all pairs. List will be given to paid users.
  • Complete .SET files and hedging pairs will be given to paid users.
  • This is a martingale strategy. If not traded with proper care, your account can be blown up.
  • Trade on account with money you can afford to lose.
  • Use a VPS to prevent missed trades and error in closing!
  • KEEP YOUR RISKPCNT <=1.0!!!!!
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