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  • Is trading pair EURUSD based on microtrends / oversold, overbought situation using standard indicators to measure trend and price position.
  • uses Timeframe M1
  • does not actively hedge, but may hold independent BUYs and SELLs at same time if market condition is suitable
  • does not use martingale, but a very limited micro grid with controlled soft and hard defined exits.
  • does not use pending orders, or cpu consuming elements
  • trades nearly every day.
  • advised balance: from 500
  • ECN account advised or spread not higher than 1.0 Pip in average ( backtest is made with spread 1.0. If your accounts spread is higher please make a backtest with demo version first)
  • see signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/184456


  • MagicS1: Your MagicNo
  • maxspread: maximal accepted spread to open first position
  • Lots: Basic Lot Size, default 0.01
  • perbalance: Start position per balance, reasonable values between 300 and higher, Default 1000
  • Recovery Mode: true/false. If a loss occurs next trades will have a bigger lot size
  • RecoveryMulti: Multiplier for Lot size in Recovery Mode, default 1.1
  • PipDifMin: Minimum Pips between 2 positions, Default 3
  • MaxOrders: Maximal orders open in a basket, Default 5
  • Close_on_Pips: SoftExit parameter in Pips. In bad situations Arcinator will close the basket with loss
  • use_time... minute_to: trade only on certain hours a day, not used, trade 24h a day
  • lastday12: last day in December to open trade. EA will trade last basket to close and wait for firstday01 in January
  • firstday01: first day in January to open new trades. End of vacation and begin of stable Forex time.
  • showInfo: show info panel in the upper left corner
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