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Jazz Moving

I present you an Expert Advisor based on the well-known Moving Average indicator. It also implements a grid strategy, that is enabled automatically when false signals are received from two moving averages at once, which in turn allows to move the trade into breakeven and to close it with profit. The order opening step and the initial lot multiplication factor can be specified in the EA parameters. All the required EA optimization parameters are also present for working on any pair and any time frame. The method of trading by the Moving Average indicator is loved by many, and combined with the grid strategy, the EA will win your heart as well.


  • MA1_Period – the period of the first moving average;
  • MA1_Method – the averaging method of the first moving average;
  • MA1_Price – price type of the first moving average;
  • MA2_Period – the period of the second moving average;
  • MA2_Method – the averaging method of the second moving average;
  • MA2_Price – price type of the second moving average;
  • Risk - risk per trade
  • Lot – trade's initial lot;
  • Martingale – lot multiplication factor. If 1, the lot is fixed;
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points;
  • StepK – initial trade opening step;
  • StepMultiplier – trade opening step multiplication factor. If 1, a step is fixed;
  • TrailStop – trailing stop in points;
  • TrailStep – trailing stop step in points;
  • Magic – magic number.

Warning: constant presence near the computer screen during the EA operation leads to chronic sleep deprivation, therefore using a VPS server is advised.

2017.09.06 11:24 

I got good results in tester strategy inside of MT4 and I bought this EA on 17/08/2017, but it make me lose 25% of my balance and I turn it off for now.

There is any updates comming for this EA or can you give me some new settings to adjust EA for the pair's EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD and EUR/JPY ?



Ugo Della Rocca
2017.07.26 07:09 

non segue i set

Dennis Landin
2016.03.23 20:16 

Good work Mikhail! Profitable, but no SL.