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This simple Forex Expert Advisor works on all major symbols including gold and silver and applies Stop Loss and Take Profit. It defines an impulse candle on H1 and trades it using the Fibo grid using the level range 100-161. Another important factor is defining a tick volume level formed by finding the average value for a certain amount of days.

The EA also allows you to trade only on even or odd days.

Individual settings should be selected for each symbol, including an hour candle's minimum and maximum size and the average tick volume level for a certain number of days. The best results are shown on EURUSD.

Configurable Parameters

  • iBarSize - minimum candle size
  • iBigBar - maximum candle size
  • iLot - initial lot
  • iThresDays - amount of averaging days for a tick volume
  • iThresCoef - additional factor for a tick volume
  • iCheckParity - trading days: even, odd, or all days
  • iDrawdown - minimum deposit value (in %), at which the EA stops working.
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