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RoBot 22

RoBot 22 Expert Advisor uses tight stop loss and take profit.

Recommended pair - EURUSD M15, lot - 0.01-0.02, test was performed with the leverage 1:500 and the balance of $3 000. However, leverage and spread are of no great importance for the EA.

The robot can work with a floating spread. Results remain the same regardless of whether a spread is 0.1 or 15. The EA trades on my cent account.

Despite the martingale strategy, the robot does not open the next order while the first one is active. The EA is based on two MAs with different periods.

The robot was tested from 2013.01.01 to 2016.01.05 (three years)

The screenshots contain two tests: the first one - with lot 0.01, the second one - with lot 0.02. The difference in drawdowns comprised 10%, while the profit turned out to be almost 100% greater.

The test was performed with the balance of $3 000 (from $30 for the cent account). You can increase the deposit and lot size accordingly or launch the robot on yet another pair.

I recommend leaving all the EA parameters intact, except for a lot size when increasing the balance. The settings have already been thoroughly selected! The robot opens 2-3 deals per day.

The robot's profitability can theoretically be increased up to 100% per month, though a complete loss is imminent in that case! Therefore, I do not recommend changing the EA settings!


  • Lots - initial deal volume
  • MaxLots - maximum deal volume
  • SL - stop loss (in points)
  • TP - take profit (in points)
  • TrailingStop - fixed trailing stop
  • TrailingStep - trailing step
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