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The built-in MACD does not properly display all the different aspects of a real MACD.

These are:

  1. The difference between 2 moving averages
  2. A moving average of (1)
  3. A histogram of the difference between (1) and (2)

With this indicator you can also tweak it as much as you want:

  • Fast Period (default: 12)
  • Slow Period (default: 26)
  • Signal Period (default: 9)
  • Fast MA type (default: exponential)
  • Slow MA type (default: exponential)
  • Signal MA type (default: exponential)
  • Fast MA applied on (default: close)
  • Slow MA applied on (default: close)
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Version 1.1 - 2016.01.05
Correction for when you load up the indicator the first time: recalculate everything. Before the last "signal period" bars were not calculated until the first incoming tick.