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Hanseatic Entfesselt Tracker

This system can search for signals between assets MarketWatch MetaTrader4.

Better used for intraday trading (signals on 5M, 15M, 30M and H1).

Entfesselt system uses trendmagic, bollinger bands and macd to measure trend and calculate entry signals.

On screen results:

  • Signals Alert for signals on different timeframes 5M, 15M, 30M and H1.
  • Price Signal entry price
  • Date Date when the signal occurred in the format: "hours:minutes day/month."

Input parameters:

  • Period: Number of bars used to search for entries.
  • Refresh_min: Number of minutes to wait between the searches.
  • BullColor: Font color on bullish signals.
  • BearColor: Font color on bearish signals.
  • SignalMode: (selection)
    • Mode A: Shows signals when price crosses trendline.
    • Mode B: Shows signals when price touches the trendline.
    • Mode C: Shows both A and B signals.
  • ShowSignals: Shows a vertical line on the main chart for every signal found.
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