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MAver is a fully automated Expert Advisor. You can launch and forget about it or you can use it as an assistant in manual trading or when tracking deals opened by another EA.


MA & Envelopes sets - standard Moving Average and Envelopes settings similar to the ones of the appropriate indicators built into MetaTrader.

  • period
  • shift
  • method
  • applied price
  • deviation (envelopes)
  • points to MA - distance from Moving Average indicator line, at which a deal is opened.

Order sets - trade operation settings

  • magic number - number allowing the EA to distinguish its trading operations. Set to 0 or -1 for manual trading.
  • trade direction - trading direction. Only buys, only sells and both directions.
  • start lot - initial lot. Not used in manual trading.
  • dynamic lot - enable/disable lot increase along with the account balance.
  • balance on EA start - initial balance when launching the EA. Lot increase depends on this value.
  • lot step - specific setting for opening additional positions. This is the minimum value position volume can be increased by when opening additional positions.
  • profit - fixed profit, at which a position is closed. If dynamic lot is enabled, the value is recalculated along with the lot increase.
  • profit on envelopes - close positions by Envelopes
  • max lot - maximum lot, at which the EA tries to close with profit. After that, the EA closes all positions with zero result or at breakeven.
  • stop on Friday - disable trading on Friday. All positions in profit are closed.
Standard settings were chosen for EURUSD. Some values should be changed for other symbols. In most cases, you should choose the indicator period, deviation (envelopes), and start lot.
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