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MoneyStrategy is a multi-currency Expert Advisor which has appeared as a result of thorough observation and long-term development. The strategy is based on the market probability to return to a certain distance back after a strong price movement. The basis of the search for the maximum price movement is a comparison of the average size of the bar of the selected currency pairs in a given period. It always uses a Stop Loss to protect money. The Expert Advisor applies elements if an adaptive grid strategy. Once the price moves a specified distance away from the opened deal, a pending order is placed. If the price moves away from the pending order, it is moved following the price. Trailing parameters of a pending order can be easily configured. When any of the pending orders triggers, the EA places a new, same pending order at a specified distance from the last opened order, but with a changed lot. Depending on the number of open trades, the EA adjusts the levels of stop-loss and take-profit to the new prices. A common breakeven and trailing stop are used to manage positions.

The Expert Advisor is designed for maximum effective real trading in today's market conditions. With proper settings, the EA withstands strong market movements with no roll-backs. It does not require special conditions, does not depend on the trading account type, the broker of the financial instrument. The Expert Advisor uses a multi-currency trading strategy, so the entire set of the EA features cannot be tested in the strategy tester. Watch the EA monitoring in my Signals. I recommend that you use a VPS server for stable operation. Timeframe M30- D1. The recommended minimum deposit is 1,000 units of the base currency. It is designed for 4-5-digit quotes.


  1. In the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, select "All symbols" in Market Watch;
  2. Make sure that the names of the symbols in the Market Watch match symbol names in the EA parameters (EURUSD = EURUSD, Eurusd = Eurusd);
  3. Run the Expert Advisor on one of the currency pairs.
Important! Enable the visual mode to test the EA in the strategy tester. Remember that this is not the Holy Grail, it is only a program. Depending on the trading experience and knowledge, the trader is to decide where and how to use it, in what markets and under what conditions. Before purchasing the product, test it in the strategy tester using the visual mode and make sure you understand all the settings. If you have any questions, please contact me: I hope, this product will be helpful. If you like my product please leave feedback.


  • Symbols — a comma separated list of trading symbols for the EA to work with;
  • TimeFrame — timeframe for the EA operation;
  • BarHistory — the number of history bars for the analysis of the weighted average bar size;
  • MaxSpread — maximum allowed spread for opening a position;
  • DelayOpenFirst — a delay in opening of the first order after a new bar opening;
  • DelayOpenNext — a delay in opening of additional orders after a new bar opening;
  • TakeProfit — the initial take profit in points;
  • StopLoss — the initial stop loss in points;
  • AutoLot — auto calculation of a trading lot depending on a stop loss and available funds. If set to =0, it is not used;
  • Lot — initial trading lot if AutoLot=0;
  • AddLot — lot increase element for the next orders. Next lot = current lot+AddLot;
  • Magic — EA magic number. If=0, works with all orders;
  • Com — a comment to orders;
  • SendOrderStep — the distance from the last open position to allow placing a pending order;
  • SendOrderPrice — pending order step, distance from the current price;
  • TrailStopOrder — the distance that the price must cover in order to enable pending order trailing;
  • TrailStepOrder — the distance to trail a pending order following the price;
  • BreakevenStop — the number of points passed by the price to move a position to breakeven;
  • BreakevenStep — breakeven step;
  • TrailingStop — trailing stop value for open positions;
  • TrailingStep — the step of the trailing stop;
  • DrawInfo — display account data on a chart.
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