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Screeno Timer

Saves the images of the chart, on which this indicator is placed, in a GIF file. The screenshot is saved to the terminal_folder\MQL4\files folder (terminal_folder\tester\files in case of testing an EA) or in its subfolders, specified in the indicator's settings. You can adjust the size of the generated screenshots, receive the screenshots in the specified time interval, add a signature to the screenshots, adjust the frequency of receiving the screenshots.

The indicator parameters:

~ sizes and subdirectories

  • FolderScreenoTimer - create a separate "ScreenoTimer" folder for the screenshots
  • FolderSymbol - create a separate folder for the chart's symbol
  • FolderForTF - create a separate folder for the chart's timeframe
  • size_x - the width of the generated screenshot
  • size_y - the height of the generated screenshot

~ timer - adjusted by local time

  • activate_timer - enable/disable usage of the timer function
  • Start_screen - local time to start receiving screenshots
  • End_screen - local time to stop receiving screenshots

~ signature - visible only on the screenshots, not displayed on the chart itself

  • signature - enable/disable usage of the signature on the screenshots
  • background color signature - signature background color, if set to 1,1,1 the background will be transparent
  • text color signature - signature text color
  • font color signature - signature text font
  • text signature - signature text content
  • signature in background - enable/disable signature in background mode

~ frequency of receiving screenshots

  • Current Period, if true Second not work - enable/disable receiving a screenshot on each new bar of the current chart
  • Second - amount of seconds before receiving a new screenshot, if set to zero, the screenshot will be shot on every tick
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