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Multicurrency RSI indicator that works on any set of timeframes.

The set of symbols is chosen from the Market Watch of the terminal.

The table is customizable (color, width, font size, line height, column width)

Alerts and sending push-notification on a smartphone.

Adjustable Parameters:

  • Signal_Bar - choose a bar for analysis (current or closed)
  • 6 switches for timeframe sets
  • Indicator_Period - period of the RSI indicator
  • Level_Signal - the level of the indicator value to generate signal (the opposite signal is mirrored 100-Level_Signal )
  • RefreshSeconds - table refresh rate (in seconds)
  • FontSize - table font size
  • StepHeight - table line height
  • StepWidth - table column width
  • 4 colors to output values to the table
  • Alert - alerts switch
  • Push - smartphone push-messages switch

For the indicator to work, put it on the chart window of any symbol.

Attention! The indicator works only on a live stream of quotes! Does not work in the tester.
Sergey Zhuravkov
2017.04.27 00:39 

хороший рабочий инструмент

2017.03.28 03:59 

Very nice indicator. Saves me a lot of time, instead of constantly looking at the charts for overbought and oversold conditions. I like the push notification feature and that the indicator manages all the pairs and timeframes using only one chart. Thank you very much.

Version 2.0 - 2015.12.22
Upon user requests, added an option for timeframe selection for alerts.