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Grid Locker

A trader opens deals using the panel. When the price moves a specified distance from the first open deal, two opposite orders (trend and counter-trend) are placed. When an open trend-following order is closed by a trailing stop, two new opposite orders are placed. The series of locking orders continues till the amount of orders within the grid reaches the EndLock parameter. After that, only counter-trend orders are opened. The EA can be used in conjunction with other EAs. The order grid is tracked via a magic number. The product is designed for 4- and 5-digit quotes.

Important! Enable the visual mode to test the EA in the strategy tester. Keep in mind that this is only a program and not a Grail. Only you should decide when and where to use it. Before purchasing the product, test it in the strategy tester using the visual mode and make sure you understand all the settings. If you have a question, please send me a message. I hope, this product will be helpful. Feedback is welcome.


  • AddLot – lot increase element. Next lot = current lot*Martingale+AddLot;
  • Martingale – lot increase ratio;
  • PriceStep – price step from the first open order for placing new orders;
  • EndLock – amount of orders, after which locking is disabled;
  • TakeProfit – take profit;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop for open positions;
  • TrailingStep – trailing stop step;
  • Magic – magic number. If 0, it works with all orders;
  • Com – comment to orders;
  • DrawInfo – display account data on a chart;
  • Method – today's profit or loss display method.
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