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TriplexM - auxiliary tool for manual trading. The Expert Advisor has three operation modes with separate settings.

  1. The COMMUNITY mode. In this mode the EA monitors groups of buy and sell orders. If there are several orders present, the breakeven level is calculated automatically, taking all possible commissions into account. This level is drawn as a dotted line on the chart (green for buy, red for sell). If there are buy and sell orders with different lots in the market, then an additional line for breakeven, common to all orders, is drawn (colored white by default). In this case Take profit and Stop loss values are calculated based on the sum of breakeven values of buys and sells. There is a trailing stop with adjustable step.

    This mode is perfect for the automation of strategies with averaging, and also for pyramiding and partial position locking strategies.

  2. The SCALPING mode. In this mode, when a position is opened manually, a stop order is placed in the opposite direction at a certain distance, with the lot increase specified in the settings. During the movement towards the open position, the stop order is trailed with the step, specified in the settings. Once the trailing stop level is reached, the order is removed. Take profit and stop loss levels are placed for the opened order at the distance of trailing stop. During an unfavorable movement and opening of a placed stop order, the next stop order is placed in the opposite direction. The maximum allowed number of position orders is also specified in the settings. In case the order limit is reached, or in case of insufficient free margin to open the next order, a stop order, accompanied with a trailing stop and a take profit, is placed for the net open position. It should be noted that during a manual closing of one of the orders of the series, the entire position will be closed forcibly.

The EA starts working after 150 ticks arrive.

In the testing mode with the "Test mode enabled" function enabled, the EA opens orders by a signal of the intersection of two moving averages, periods of which can be changed in the settings. This function does not work on a real market and is intended only for the familiarization with different operation modes.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Informer - enable/disable comments with the main information.
  • Zero lines create - draw breakeven levels on the chart.
  • Zero lines colors - breakeven lines colors.
  • Trading mode - select the EA operation mode.
  • Zero level accuracy point - the accuracy of the "zero" line calculation (value grater than 2 is recommended for the accounts with floating spread).

SIMPLE mode settings:

  • Take profit point - take profit in points.
  • Stop loss point - stop loss in points.
  • Traling start points - order trailing start.
  • Traling step points - order trailing step.

COMMUNITY mode settings:

  • Take profit point - take profit of the net position in points.
  • Stop loss point - stop loss of the net position in points.
  • Traling start points - the net position trailing start.
  • Traling step points - the net position trailing step.

SCALPING mode settings:

  • Scalping take profit - take profit of the order series in points.
  • Distance for pending - the distance to place a stop order.
  • Maximal orders in series - the maximum number or orders in the series.
  • Next order lot exponent - the increase ratio of the next order in the series.
  • Scalping tral points - start level of trailing of the series.
  • Tral/pending step points - trailing step of pending orders and stop loss of the series.
  • Magic - the unique number of the orders, opened by the EA on its own.

Testing mode settings (to familiarize with the operation modes):

  • Test mode enabled - enable/disable testing mode.
  • Testing lot - starting lot of the orders during testing.
  • Short Moving for test - period of the fast moving average during testing.
  • Long Moving for test - period of the slow moving average during testing.
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