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Test your strategy first

The "Test your strategy first" product is designed to cut Your costs and to save the time required to assess and implement ideas, and to determine the advisability of trade automation.

Unlike most panels, this panel is intended to be primarily used in the Strategy Tester. Also, you may use it in real time manual trading as a "One-click trading" tool with the ability to automatically calculate the deal volume and to place typical risk and profit levels.

With this tool you can easily test your non-automated systems and ideas on history.

The tool is provided with a minimum number of settings, in order to decrease and optimize the code of the product, and to ensure that the trader is focused on what actually matters - tracking the triggering of signals during testing, and to make the testing process itself faster.


  • Risk - the risk in percents, calculated depending on the size of the deposit and the specified SL. For example: At Risk = 1, deposit D = 5000, SL = 10 the size of the deal will be equal to 0.5 lots;
  • TP - Take profit in points;
  • SL - Stop loss in points (required parameter, used for the calculation of risk).

Important: You may download the "Test your strategy first" product and use it in the Strategy Tester without any limitations. At the same time, if you liked the product, then to support the developers you can leave a review and/or buy one of our products.

Pulat Rikhsibaev
2015.12.22 09:15 

Очень нужная вещь, которая поможет в реальной торговле.