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Counter Attack

Counter Attack is a short-term strategy that was designed for little timeframes like M1, M5 or max. M15. This Strategy works best on M5 USDCHF and USDCAD. Counter Attack tries to counter every fast price movements. It opens a few more trades in loss, if the market is going up again. It will not blindly open more trades in loss! It also closes all trades automatically if a counter signal occurs or the stoploss is being reached.

You will get best results if you do use Rebuys (10 Rebuys with 50 (5 Pips) Deviation) and no StopLoss at all!


  • lots - Lot size
  • tp_factor - Takeprofit Factor (the higher tp_factor, the higher takeprofit)
  • bb_in_dev - Entry Factor (the higher bb_in_dev, the less the trade-frequency
  • adxlevel - Filter Level for ADX (the higher adxlevel, the less the trade-frequency -> the less loss-trades)
  • adx_period - Filter1
  • adx_period2 = Filter2
  • re_buy - 1= On; 0=Off
  • max_rebuys - Max. Rebuys
  • re_buy_dev - Rebuy deviation in Pips (10=1 Pip; 100=10 Pips)
  • smart_rebuy - 2=On; 0=Off
  • smart_rebuy_period - Filter for Re_Buys (The higher smart_rebuy_period, the less Re-Buys will be generated (= less profit and less risk)
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