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Pending Orders Trailing

Pending Orders Trailing automatically moves your placed STOP and LIMIT orders.

It is a very useful tool in cases where you want to catch the perfect price in the trend.

How it works

  1. Simply place STOP or LIMIT order manually.
  2. Pending Orders Trailing will check all pending orders and slide with them following the market movements.
  3. Once STOP or LIMIT order turns into a BUY or SELL order, Pending Orders Trailing automatically add stop loss and take profit (immediately after the price reaches pending order).

It is possible to use the system for Limit and Stop orders simultaneously. It is also possible that the system will automatically shut all BUY and SELL positions in the event of achievement of profit or loss that you define.

The system can use trailing for SL and TP. The system can be combined with other EA, since it is possible to use the filtering and controlling with comments.


  • TradeComment - default is empty - it will control all trades, otherwise use some words or chars for controlling only selected orders (order must be placed with the same comment - see images)
  • StopDistance - distance offset for moving STOP orders (in points)
  • LimitDistance - distance offset for moving LIMIT orders (in points) 
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points 
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points 
  • Trailing_SL and Trailing_TP - set to true if you want to use trailing stop loss or trailing take profit 
  • CloseMarketProfit - profit amount for closing all opened orders, default is 0 
  • CloseMarketLoss - loss amount for closing all opened orders, default is 0 (it does not depend on whether you use minus or plus)
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Version 1.2 - 2016.02.03
Version 1.2 upgrade.

1) Removed first undesirable starting order.
2) Added BUTTONS for FAST executions MARKET, STOP and LIMIT order with BUttonLots predefined volume.