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QTFx Better Candles

QTFx Better Candles are little more accurate than the standard ones. For correct practicing you must define the market as ranging or trending.

In trending markets, you find easily an entry in the Trend direction. Use for the Trend definition higher highs/lower lows, moving averages or other.

The red Candles are Sell and the blue ones are buy Candles.

Please keep in mind that you should support your trade with other systems to get an accurate trading and using a trailing stop loss.

Key Features

  • Signals confirmed on close of the candle
  • No repainting
  • No backpainting
  • No recalculating


  • Alert on close candle
  • Alert on current candle
  • Alert with popup
  • Alert with Email
  • Alert with Sound
  • Soundfile
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