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QTFx Box Alert

The QTFx Box Alert draws boxes on every completed last fractal from high to low. The Indicator alerts at breakouts of the fractal box in sideways markets, it´s possible to change the distance to alert.

You can see immediately new support and resistance, it´s visual for breakouts in multiple timeframes.

And you can see easily particular higher highs and lower lows for price action trading, you can see also instantly the distance in Pips from last high to last low, for setting the stop loss for example.

Trading recommendations

If the market is in the timeframe to choppy, go one timeframe higher and wait for an Breakout

Use the QTFx Box Alert particular together with the QTFx Power Pivots, you can easily see patterns for Breakouts and Pullbacks.

Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you.


  • The Box - Change Box Color
  • ShowLabel - Show Distance from high to low fractal in Pips
  • ColorLabel - Change Color Label
  • OffsetLabeltop - Offset Distance from fractal top
  • OffsetLabelbottom - Offset Distance from fractal bottom
  • RightShift - Right Shift Label
  • Backtest Bars -Shows history from Boxes
  • AlertOn - Alert if Price crosses Box up and down
  • Distance - Alert on Distance e.g. 5 Pips before Breakout cross
  • Alert Candle - Alert on current candle or on closed
  • Alert with Email
  • Alert with Mobil
  • Alert Sound
  • Soundfile
  • Alert Popup
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