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Smart 5M

The Smart 5M Expert Advisor follows a trend using its own calculations. No indicators are used. Scalping is applied in most cases.

Only an initial lot can be changed, other settings are calculated automatically. The lot size should not exceed 0.01 per 500 cents on a cent account and 0.01 per 500 dollars on a dollar account. However, it is recommended to set at least 0.1 for more accurate calculation of subsequent lots. For example, suppose that you have $500. In that case, it would be better to create a cent account with the deposit of 50 000 cents with the lot size of 1.0, rather than a dollar account with the lot size of 0.01.

The EA has been created for EURUSD. However, it may work on other symbols as well. The robot works with both fixed and floating spreads, though the former ones are preferable.

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