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TinyBot is an EA using martingale system. You can start using it with only $100 with Lots = 0.01.

You can trade manually when the EA is running. If you are qualified, the result will be much better.

This EA can run on any timeframes. I just run on EURUSD H1.


  • Enable to Trade: enable to open order
  • TimeFrames: time frame of signal, I recommend H1
  • Period: period of signal
  • Lots: lot size of first level
  • Stop Loss: stop loss of order in pips
  • Take Profit: take profit of order in pips
  • Slippage: allow slippage in point
  • Magic 1: unique ID for the EA's deals
  • Magic 2: unique ID for the EA's deals, Magic 2 must be different from Magic 1
  • Comment 1: comment of order
  • Comment 2: comment of order
  • Trade Start Hour, Trade Start Min, Trade End Hour, Trade End Min: trading time by server time, I use London and New York sessions


This EA good for trend (just long with take profit), strong news. Not good with sideways: Stop Loss < Range sideways < Stop Loss + Take Profit.

So you can run EA on multiple accounts with different input parameters.

20 accounts, each account profits 5% / day / account. If one account stops out, the remaining 19 will cover losses with 95% 1 account balance + residual amount of the account stop out> 100% balance. You are still profitable.

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