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The Expert Advisor calculates buy and sell zones by a symbol volatility. The EA's sensitivity depends on the Mult_Factor parameter - the higher, the more accurate a market entry.

The EA checks two more filters and opens an order in buy/sell zones (or skips it). If the price moves in an unfavorable direction, the EA places averaging orders according to its algorithm.

The best results are shown on M15. Not too volatile symbols with a low spread are recommended. It would be reasonable to launch the EA on several charts simultaneously in order to increase the amount of orders and decrease a possible drawdown.


  • FirstOrder - disable opening new "initial" orders. In other words, the EA tracks the current series of deals, while no new series is opened;
  • Lots - trading lot;
  • LotExponent - next trade lot multiplication factor. Disabled by default.
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • RsiMin - minimum RSI on H1;
  • RsiMax - maximum RSI on H1;
  • MA_Periods - МА period;
  • Mult_Factor - buy/sell area "tightening" factor. The higher the value, the higher the market entry accuracy;
  • PeriodsATR - ATR indicator period;
  • Magic - magic number to distinguish EA's own orders;
  • show_line - show/hide buy/sell zone lines;
  • ForBuy - buy zone line color;
  • ForSell - sell zone line color;
  • width - line width.
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