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ZigZag of ATP

This is a ZigZag based on ATR. Peaks and valleys are drawn depending on the value of ATR.

Setting ZigZag of ATR with the AtrPeriod value would give us a line that reverses only after changing from high to low by (AtrPeriod * Koef) or more. All movements below (AtrPeriod * Koef) would be ignored.

Lines ZigZag of ATR change there color at a time when the price goes over a distance equal to or greater than (AtrPeriod * Koef).

Tops are calculated based on High values, valleys are calculated based on Low.


  • AtrPeriod - period ща the ATR
  • Koef - factor of "security" for the ATR
  • UpColor - the Pick color
  • DnColor - the valley color
  • Width - line width
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