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URS scalping MT4

URS scalping is a fully automated advanced semi-scalper EA. The system implements a pulse scalping strategy. URS continuously analyzes a financial instrument trying to catch its directional pulse movement. The EA does not use indicators. The system uses a tight Stop Loss, which however does not mean it will be hit often. The system is designed so as the probability of a loss is very small, but if the price goes a wrong direction, it immediately exits the trade.

Trading instruments (any timeframe):

  • Currency pairs with a spread value below 15-20 points (5-digit quotes) EUR/USD; GBP/USD; AUD/USD; USD/JPY; USD/CAD; USD/CHF; NZD/USD
  • Gold with a spread of 20-30 points (5-digit quotes) GOLD (XAU/USD)

The smaller the spread, the better.

System Parameters:

  • lMinProfit - minimal profit in pips for a long position
  • sMinProfit - minimal profit in pips for a short position
  • lTrailingStop - trailing stop for a long position
  • sTrailingStop - trailing stop for a short position
  • lTrailingStep - trailing step for a long position
  • TrailingStep - trailing step for a short position
  • StopLoss
  • AutoLot - use automated lot calculation
  • Lots - lot volume if autolot is off
  • MaxLot - maximum allowed lot value for the EA's trades
  • Risk - risk as a percent, something like 1000*20%=200/1000=0.2, the system applies a more sophisticated lot calculation

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically generates a random magic number of orders
  • Does not use indicators
  • Very low drawdown
  • Low risk per trade as compared to the potential profits
  • An average profitable trade several times exceeds a loss-making one
  • Do not use Martingale or lot increase
  • No optimization for different symbols needed
  • Market entries are rare but accurate
  • Not very sensitive to execution
  • Uses unusual trailing stop, stop loss and breakeven
  • Good testing results


  1. Brokers with minimum spreads are recommended.
  2. Do not use brokers with the minimum stop level distance above 5 points (5-digit) I hope it is clear.

After purchasing the robot please write me a private message, I'll give you recommendations on trading on a live account.

Signal monitoring will be added here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/aziriz

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