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TheFisher EA

Swing Trading

TheFisher is an Expert Advisor built to perform Swing Trading both bull and bear trend of the EUR/JPY pair. It is a specialized trading system which targets the characteristics of the EUR/JPY pair to capitalize pips movement for its volatility.

EA's target is to enter early in the beginning of the trend pro-actively to maximize movement of the trend in short to medium term using 1 hour chart for entry.

Advanced Real Trading Techniques

The EA uses advanced FX Trading strategy which derived from real-world trading methodologies like Statistical Analysis, Technical Analysis and Advanced Risk/Money Management methods.

Trade with a peace of mind without the worry of blowing your account with strict trading limits imposed like institutional traders.

Realistic & Consistent

TheFisher is also a down-to-earth realistic trading EA which does not required high winning rates to be positive since Year 2000. It focuses on quality wins instead of quantity wins.

The returns was distributed rather evenly since 2000 to current year so you can be more confident that so far no one single year is a downer to previous performances

Trend is your friend & Compounding Is your Spouse

With the performance and stability of the Strategy, users can consider using Account Scaling method to deposit additional funds at the end of each year to enhance the effects of the compounding.

Dedicated Trading Account

TheFisher EA requires a dedicated trading account for Risk/Money Management. It is recommended to place other manual trades in a separate trading account.

TheFisher EA in a nutshell:

  • Short to Medium Term Swing Trading
  • Non-Scalping & Not broker sensitive
  • Parameters are minimized for more focused and less complicated trading
  • Participate in both Bull and Bear Market
  • Only Trades EUR/JPY with 1 Hr Chart
  • Advanced FX Strategy combining various Analysis Techniques and real-world Risk and Money Management methodologies
  • Rigorously tested with Data since Year 2000 with Stable and Consistent Performance so that users can trade with peace of mind
  • Realistic performance which can be combined with the compounding along with account scaling to help grow account
  • EA is made unlikely to blow any account as strict trading limits are imposed
  • Realistic winning rates so that EA can likely continue to perform for many years to come. Analogy being that, you are more likely to get 4-5 than 7-9 heads in a 10 coin tosses over a large sample size of tosses.

EA Parameters

Recommended not to change param as they are optimized for max results.

However depending on your own risk appetite, you may adjust risk per trade accordingly.

Any deviations in EA performance after param changes are not the failure of EA.

  • Max_Risk_Percent - The max risk (in % of the total Equity) of a single trade
  • Enable_LotSizing - enable/disable system to perform auto lot sizing
  • Std_Order_lot - The std lot use to trade (If Enable_LotSizing is set to FALSE)
  • Equity_Management - To perform equity management for risk mitigations
  • Equity_Month_Limit - enable/disable monthly risk scheme
  • Max_Month_Risk - Max monthly risk (in % of equity) before trading halt for entire month
  • Equity_Year_Limit - Enable/disable yearly risk scheme
  • Max_Year_Risk - Max yearly risk (in % of equity) before trading halt for entire year
  • Max_Slippage - Max slippage allowed during placement of trade
  • OrderNotification - enable/disable order notification via your MetaQuote ID
  • MagicNumber - Order number to identify orders placed by TheFisher
  • Half_Lot_Profit_Management - Manage Half Lot Exit
  • Half_Lot_Exit_Percent - Lots (in %) to close out first
  • Trailing_Displace - Trailing stop Displacement in pips
  • Min_Bal_StopTrade - Min equity balance (in value) for complete stop of trading
  • Stop Loss Levels - Stop loss levels Params to protect initial risk

EA Rental

Trading involves peaks and troughs & TheFisher is not a high freq trade system; Recommended to rent EA for a year with larger trades for better evaluation.

If user wishes to rent for shorter time to test trade mechanism, 3 or 6 mths is fine.

1 mth rental not available as it is not as useful and may waste your money.

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Version 1.2 - 2016.01.04
Version 1.2 changes
- Improved Trade Quality by filtering some consolidation noises
- Improved results across many individual years and all the years overall.
- Overall years results improved by about 2.5 times
- Reduces drawdown %
Version 1.1 - 2015.12.17
Version 1.1 Changes

Changes to default parameter settings:
- ConsecutiveLossStop = true
- ConsecutiveLoss_TradeCount = 6