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Return Level LE

This version of the indicator is only designed for EURUSD (in any symbol configuration, like EURUSDk, mEURUSD etc.).

Working timeframe H1 or below.

The indicator is implemented on the basis of all statistical data from the history of EURUSD quotes.

At the end of the European session, the indicator calculates the level which is likely to be hit by the symbol price over a certain period of time. The average waiting period is from several minutes to 1-3 days. In some rare cases, the period of waiting for the level to be closed may be longer.

  • Time GMT Offset - specify here your broker's GMT time shift. It is the most important parameter! The default value is +2.
  • Control Time Synchronization - indicator time synchronization with your broker's time. If you activate this function, the terminal may return an error, although the time shift is properly configured. This is usually caused by your broker's trading conditions (taking into account spread and average quote during synchronization). In this case, the function should be disabled. It is disabled by default (false).
  • Limit Bars History - Limit on the history calculation. If the value is "0", all bars are used for calculation. It is not recommended to set the limit to less than 5000 bars, because the indicator tracks all unclosed active levels. If you limit the history, the earliest levels will not be displayed.
  • Color Actual Level - the color of the level line.
  • Style Actual Level - the style of the level line.
  • Visible Comment - show/hide comments for the last active level.

Functions Control Time Synchronization, Limit Bars History are unavailable in the Strategy Tester.

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