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EA Expert

EA Expert is a mathematical trading system that works with pending orders, the EA does not use indicators, linear martingale and scalping for trading. The EA works on all account types, does not depend on spread, automatically distributes 4-5 digits. The EA is fully automated and adjusted with a recommendation set, recommended pairs – EURUSD and AUDUSD, M15 Timeframe.

Real account monitoring, as well as other systems can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/spiker54/seller


  • EAName=EA Expert
  • Parameters=>>> Parameters Settings
  • MoneyM=>>> Money Management
  • GeneralLot - Initial lot, if=0, then placed as % of the actual balance
  • GeneralPercent - Works if GeneralLot = 0
  • MM - Lot increase ratio (Multiplier)
  • LotMM - Place orders with MM after this
  • LotMax - Maximum allowed lot
  • ReservDepo - Reserves % of the balance
  • ChannelSet=>>> Channel Settings
  • Channel - Prohibition zone of placement of Orders with MM. If 0, there is no prohibition
  • DistanceMM - The minimum distance between opened orders with MM outside the Channel. If 0, it is not used
  • sCP=>>> Close All Profit
  • CloseProfit - Close all orders if the net profit is equal to or greater than this value; if 0, it is not considered
  • Drawdown=>>> Drawdown in procent
  • xDrawdown - Drawdown in percent, after which the most drawn down order is to be closed; if 0 - drawdown is not controlled
  • PointDrawdown=0
  • PartialDrawdown - If enabled, the most drawn down order is closed partially by 1/4; range 1 - 5; 1 - closed completely
  • Dprop= >>> Magic Number
  • Magic - Magic
Morard Kevin
2017.11.11 21:00 


2017.03.29 09:08 


I am renting for a month. Running on live account from 23/12/16 with 500 balance. Now at 654. Great result during Christmas period. Will update after a month. Price very cheap. Great value.

Update. After so many EXPENSIVE " popular " Eas crashed and burned last week this is still doing well. Check how many popular martingale Ea did over the last week and then come back and have a look at this. DD at its worst was just over 20% while still making money. Still small regular wins.

thanks Vladimir

12/1/17 Balance now at 1024 ! great trade last night catching breakout on audusd 243 winning trade.

Joel Simmons
2017.01.22 01:26 

This EA has no problem making money, but the issue is, I cannot get this EA to not eventually blow my account. I even optimized a setting that I thought might work, but it got blown in forward testing. The entries are great, the issue is controlling the bad trades. I been trying for a few months but have now given up. I think the below person is watching his Balance rather than his Equity.

stefano torredimare
2016.02.29 08:38 

great expert alike trade to backtest fantastic support and high availability in the coming days put the results

2016.02.24 17:23 

Best EA ever....

2016.01.13 00:52 

Купил всю линейку продуктов от этого разработчика. Очень интересная логика везде, особенно у этого EA Expert и PriceSeine. Cтоит попробовать, хотя бы чтобы расширить свой кругозор, помечтать и получить удовольствие от картинки в тестере. И риски, и возможности будут очевидны при прогоне за несколько лет, а что касается моего личного решения, то я сразу же установил оба упомянутых советника на реальный (центовый, конечно) счет.