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First at the MQL4! This Expert divides your order which is still working at the market, into the 6 equal parts virtually by using your take profit level... This version has standard lots amount and standard partial orders (six orders) because of main task, user-friendly version. It opens two stop orders when conditions meet. One 'BuyStopOrder' and one 'SellStopOrder'. No Martingale, no hedging and no any of others. The Orders has tight stop loss and other Money management, such as Partial close in its target points and time limited order close function. Do not use it with any other EAs and manual orders. Recommended pairs EURUSD, recommended timeframes are M30, H1 or higher (*). Recommended deposit amount is more than $200. It works with any broker, of course the lower spreads will get more gain. Test it into your broker before purchase.

* This is the Light version of the EA because of user-friendly to use by non-profesional traders. Ask the seller for the professional version.

The logo of this EA comes from Seljuk Empire. Eight corner star and double headed Eagle are symbols of Seljuk Empire.

Price is launch price and 1 month rental price just only for your live test for limited time. Price will rise in time.


  • OrderCloseTimer: Orders (if they will not close all or particularly) will close at the end of the time (in seconds)
  • BarCount: Number of bars for analysis
  • BarCount1: Number of last bars for open orders
The default settings are provided for EURUSD M30.
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