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The idea behind the EA algorithm is perhaps the most popular one among traders - "All at once!". Perhaps it would be correct to call the EA "Va-bank" or anything like this! However, Jahalshhik is based on two indicators ParabolicSAR and Stochastic, which are configured to catch profit mainly on EURUSD.

In the Strategy Tester

  • The EA can be tested and optimized by checkpoints or even open prices, the result will be similar to "Every tick" mode, because the EA works with bar open prices!
  • The EA requires optimization at least once a month!
  • The Expert Advisor ides suggest using a high percentage of the deposit, so the value of the input variable for lot calculating 'RiskPercent' should not be lower than 20%. For each option obtained by optimizing the set-file this value should not be changed for demo or real account!
  • Please pay attention to the forward test - optimization in the tester on one or more pre-selected periods, and further testing of the resulting set file on the non-optimized period!

Jahalshhik is optimized for EURUSD M30!

For other pairs fixed risk of 10% is set!

Input parameters:

  • _stopLoss — Stop Loss value set in points;
  • _takeProfit — Take Profit value set in points;
  • _checkProfit — take profit method (true — the profit is fixed on new bars while the Equity grows, false — the profit is fixed on new bars no matter whether the Equity grows or falls);
  • MAGICMA — Expert Advisor's magic number;
  • DecreaseFactor — Decrease deposit load after losing deals;
  • RiskPercent — Percentage of free margin to place new orders (20 to 85%);
  • fixedLots — Order lot size mode (false — percent of deposit, true — minimum lot);
  • Lot — Minimum lot for trading with fixed order volume;
  • stepSAR — ParabolicSAR variable: increment of speed, acceleration;
  • maxSAR — ParabolicSAR variable: maximum price following ratio;
  • stLevel — Integer value of Stochastic indicator levels (1 to 50);
  • _kperiod — Stochastic variable: K line period;
  • _dperiod — Stochastic variable: D line period;
  • _slowing — Stochastic variable: slowing;
  • price_f — Stochastic variable: price type (0 - Low/High or 1 - Close/Close).
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Version 1.2 2015.11.30
Fixed presenting indicators' data.