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Fast Fibonacci MT4 FREE

This is the FREE version of the EA - the only limitation is number of managed positions (limited to 4).


  • Easily adjustable Fibonacci retracement levels - auto-detection, or manual adjust
  • Live mode or past mode - select period by easily dragging start and end date. Your Fibonacci levels will automatically adjust to the selected period.
  • Fibonacci extension levels based on original Fibonacci retracement grid - auto-adjusted, easily draggable
  • Possibility of full manual level adjustment
  • Possibility of using grid trading
  • Take profit and stop loss levels are draggable can be set in no-time!
  • Take profit can be solid or sticky to the requested Fibonacci level. If Fibonacci grid is automatically changed, the TP can either automatically go with it or stay in one place.
  • Easily adjusted grid range - by just one click!
  • 1 position only, up to 100 grid positions in FULL version
  • Buttons to quickly invert grid - 1 click to switch between buy and sell mode useful for scalping
  • Many buttons allow quickly switching between trading modes - confirmation trading, one click trading, and waiting orders in both ways.
  • Buttons to suspend the trade, so you can modify your trade settings with no risk
  • Possibility of locking editing of your grid and TP, so you don't change/click anything by accident
  • Terminal window and file log allow you to track every action or opened transaction
  • Possibility of minimizing or disabling terminal window
  • Save states allow terminal restarts or resume after crash or weekend (you can turn your computer off)
  • Works on all time-frames and symbols
  • Adjustable graphics - line width and font size
  • Adjustable graphics interface font size - 8x12, 12x18 16x24, that make EA working fine with either for low resolution, full HD or touch-screen
  • Reset settings button allows you to restore default grid settings
  • Available in both MT4 and MT5 versions

Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Retracements are ratios used to identify potential reversal levels. These ratios are found in the Fibonacci sequence. The most popular Fibonacci Retracements are 61.8% and 38.2%. After an advance, chartists apply Fibonacci ratios to define retracement levels and forecast the extent of a correction or pullback. Fibonacci Retracements can also be applied after a decline to forecast the length of a counter trend bounce. These retracements can be combined with other indicators and price patterns to create an overall strategy.

Fibonacci retracement is a term used in technical analysis that refers to areas of support (price stops going lower) or resistance (price stops going higher). The Fibonacci retracement is the potential retracement of a financial asset's original move in price. Fibonacci retracements use horizontal lines to indicate areas of support or resistance at the key Fibonacci levels before it continues in the original direction. These levels are created by drawing a trendline between two extreme points and then dividing the vertical distance by the key Fibonacci ratios of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% and 100%.

Fibonacci Extensions

In practice, most traders use Fibonacci extensions in combination with other technical indicators/patterns to help them determine appropriate target prices, future support and resistances.

More about using Fibonacci Extensions and how to trade using them, you will find in a "Comment" section. You can also download a PDF instruction there.

Input description

  • Graphics Width - The width of the lines drawn by the indicator.
  • Chart Font Size - Change description font size.
  • Panel Font Size (GFX) - Panel size – 3 different sizes to select. If you are using touch screen for trading you may make the interface bigger
  • Trade Terminal - Option to disable or enable display of the trade terminal.
  • Display Lot Multiplier - Option that allows you to toggle the display of lot size over every grid line.
  • Fib and Lot descriptions on top - Lot size description over the grid lines.
  • Trade Lot Size - Base size of the trade lot.
  • Number of positions - Number of opened positions.
  • Grid type - Grid type – manual or automatic.
  • Manual Grid - Manual grid settings. For every position there is setting for (1) lot multiplier and (2) distance from previous position.
  • Mathematical Grid - Mathematical grid settings: 1) Each position distance decrease. 2) Each position lot increase. More details in PDF instruction
  • Load save-state (after restart or crash) - Option should be set to ON to save all indicator and trade settings and to be able to resume it after terminal/computer restart or computer crash.
  • Save/trade Magic Number - Option to set the Magic Number. It also allows to use different save-stases. If you use indicator more than once on the same pair on the same terminal, set different magic number for each one of them. This will help avoid problems when restarting the terminal as each of indicator instances will have separate save-states.
  • Price type - Price type – do you want to consider Bid and Ask price or only Bid price. You may ignore the spread by just selecting “Bid” for easier mathematics, but it may affect the profitability of your trades.
  • Enable terminal log to file - If this option is active program will log all terminal activity to the log file. The log file, as the save files, may be found in the Files folder of the MetaTrader terminal settings.

Please download PDF instruction from the "Comment" section for more details.

sunnychow 2018.11.12 15:18 

very useful tool

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.07.14 18:52 

Intriguing Fibo indicator...

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.30 19:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 2.38 2017.03.01
- removed the time limit
Version 2.37 2016.04.12
- Increased number of positions to 4 in free version